[UrNm]  eSports Gaming Organization. Est 2010         UNREAL NIGHTMARE 


We're an eSports organization with a primary focus on Call of Duty. We host divisions in competitive play, streaming, and public matches. 
Administrative Staff


Co-Owner Founder

Electric is the Co-Owner Founder of Unreal Nightmare. He over see's all organizational activities.

Brian Davis


Brian Davis is the Co-Owner of Unreal Nighmare. He over see's all organizational activities.

No Pressure

Esports Recruiter

No Pressure is a founding member of Unreal Nightmare and is responsible for all recruiting.


Website Manager

CREEEY CLOWN is responsible for all website activities for Unreal Nightmare. 

With the help of management, we're able to keep things drama free and provide anything members may need.

  • Division Managers. Members who oversee all division activity.
  • Competitive Team Captains. Members who manage a competitive team.
  • Competitive Team Members. Members who compete on a competitive team.
  • Public Match Members. Casual players in public matches.
  • Content Creators. Members who provide gaming content while representing Unreal Nightmare.
Membership Benefits
What are the benefits of being a member of Unreal NIghtmare? Besides having several talented public match members to play with, we offer:

  • Your own personalized logo for general use and XBOX profile picture
  • Matching custom twitter header
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Your social media advertised and retweeted
  • Apparel line to choose from
What We Expect
We update our rosters every so often. Here's what we expect from you:

  • Remain active in the division you have been assigned to
  • Use the clan tag [UrNm] whenever possible
  • If you have gaming related social media, mention us in your bio and use our graphics
  • Defend yourself, otherwise be respectful to other players and do not rage chat with opponents
  • Keep your stats up to standard
  • NO nudity / porn on your social media. This includes images you like and retweet

Managers will be checking. You will be removed from our rosters if these infractions are found.

There's no doubt, we have some of the finest gamer's out there

Electric - Co-Owner Founder